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Below are some of Joyce David's high-profile cases and other media coverage. Click on the links to more information.

Michael Riccardi - accused of stabbing Rev. Al Sharpton;  

Campus Killer

Youth Charged in Fatal Blaze

Bassam Reyati - accused of hindering prosecution in the shooting of a van of Hasidic boys on the Brooklyn Bridge;

Steven Romer - lawyer accused of stealing $15 million from his clients;  

Victor Breland - accused of killing 6 people as the hitman for the Baby Sam drug ring;

Barry Johnson - accused of beating Dr. Esther Lim to death.

Shooting Death of a Police Officer

Track star charged in baby stab

Former Jets star Gastineau busted

Malka Helbrans - accused with her husband, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, of kidnapping Shai Fima;

Spotlight on Joyce David

Newsday profile on Joyce B. David

Joyce David becomes first woman to head Criminal Bar Association

Diane Schaeffer - stalked Memorial Sloan Kettering Chief Surgeon (subject of Vanity Fair article & movie “Obsessed” starring Jenna Elfman)

Read more on this extraordinary case.



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